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TVLowCost will save every drop of your marketing budget to make TV advertising affordable, at last!


TV Production costs … yes, that hairy old issue. Truth is: even today the Ad Industry still does itself and Clients injustices with “high-cost” TV Production. Too many ad agencies still seem to ignore the Budget, and deliver back OTT costs complete with a bewildering array of excuses. Too much smoke and mirrors, and perhaps a few selfish agendas rather than brands’ results and returns (awards, awards, awards…)

Stories still abound from Clients with either damaging first-hand experiences, or others having suffered the dire consequences of poor budgeting. Still rife! Forced to accept higher-than-expected costs, they inevitably take it from the Media … 4 months later and no apparent lifts anywhere the Board loses faith in the campaign, its possibly cut and …  ’put down to experience’. The TV medium is written off too, and alternative low-profile options resumed. A shame … for the brand, the Client, ad agency, TV itself and the Industry. All too typical even today … 

At TVLowCost we have an altogether different “LOW-COST” pioneering approach. We do stick to the budget. And only return with  work that we can deliver for the same.

BUT … way before that, we have wisely ’packaged’ up ALL elements for a complete TV Shoot in ONE all-in TV Package, representing the Best Value possible. That’s all preparation + the Shoot itself [we average 3/4 commercials per project] + all editing/post-prod + transmission costs. Add to that the huge $$ benefits of us containing ALL facilities IN-HOUSE – rather than use the typical array of additional specialist suppliers outside of the main Prod Company [all on high margins, naturellement] – and you ‘ll appreciate the precision, practicality, and cost-effectiveness of our remarkable proposition.

Our proposition? a fixed amount for a complete on-air TV campaign. Including full management, Creative, Group Discussion to check out the Ideas, the Shoot itself plus all editing/post-prod, transmission costs, v/o and music … then a pre-Omnibus check.  AND … including a fully-tailored National Peak and Off-Peak TV Schedule which will certainly ‘punch above its weight’ with sufficient Impact, Coverage and Frequency to register. We will be on-air 8 weeks [no, not 8 months] from agreed Brief. Food for thought …?

And Results? We are consistently delivering Results that “exceed expectations”. When most of our ex-TV Clients then go on to re-book further TV bursts – many being on their 3rd within 18 months after payback from the first burst alone – it’s all the proof we need for our efficacy. Andwith 85 clients and 420 commercials in 3 years from a wide range of Clients, all cynics have run for cover from the pure consistency of our positive returns.

TVLowCost’s mission is to simply to get deserving Challenger Brands onto TV, quickly, creatively, effectively and in the most cost-efficient way. And then yield Results that “exceed expectations”. With most spend going INTO THE MEDIA.

Do your brand a favour and call our branch in your country ! You will discover how affordable can TV advertising become under the influence of TVLowCost!


Advertisers, do not panic ! In TV advertising , the economic approach of TVLowCost allows to restore the ” Marketing Purchasing Power ” of companies.


Advertisers, do not panic ! The generalization of the tensions on the costs obliges companies to question all their previous ways of management. In TV advertising , the economic approach of TVLowCost allows to restore  the ” Marketing Purchasing Power ” of companies.

When TVLowCost opened its doors, three and a half years ago, the advertising industry roared and declared in a peremptory and definitive way : ” this will never work! ” The argumentation developed in a certain number of interviews by the big bosses of traditional advertising agencies, demonstrated that the cost of the ” All inclusive TV Pack for 250 000 euros” was simply ridiculous and impossible … 

It is true that the advertising  industry  is always strangely traditionalist and conformist!

Our intuition was right : numerous companies did not go to television, simply because the “ticket of entry “ was inaccessible for them. Today, the inflationary pressure that every company undergoes on its costs of supply, the spectacular rise of the weight of the distribution, the emergence of delocalized competitors, all this encourage companies to re-study from top to bottom their structures of costs.

Today’s name of the game is : “savings”! Today is the time to work with the only TV agency specialist of savings : TVLowCost!

With regard to this new context, it is cristal clear that the traditional ” high cost ” advertising agencies are very badly adapted to the new economic environment. It is not so easy to pass from a model to the other one … 

That’s why, among others reason, TVLowCost knows such a success with all the typologies of advertisers, because we allow each of them to reduce their marketing costs in a important way. By reducing the costs of TV advertising we allow our clients to improve their overall profitability, and this is very useful nowadays!




The TRADE Squeeze: TVLowCost frees your Brand from its ‘circular’, monotonous and predictable life!


“Low-cost” TV from TVLowCost makes TV AFFORDABLE to Challenger Brands. Why spend FORTUNES on non-TV Media when your Brand can enjoy the full benefits of TV for LESS THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE ? AND the Trade will love you …!

FMCG Brands and their Owners are on a continuous cycle of Trade Support that’s increasingly dominating Brand Budgets. And putting the squeeze on advertising and promotional spend.  Invariably it’s advertising that gets pulled because of its high cost in order to maintain profitability of the brand.

Winning the game … it’s cat and mouse with the powerful Grocery groups. Play the game … or risk not having a market for your products. Don’t support your Brand and risk poorer Distribution, adverse shelf positions or even worse, de-listing. And let’s be honest, the Trade ONLY get excited about TV advertising, right? Forget protestations that Mags/Print plus some posters around their Stores, oh and some online will fire up any Multiple Buyer! This harsh reality becomes even more vital for smaller Challenger Brands struggling on tight budgets.

If this sounds familiar… and you want to break out – CHANGE GEAR – and have your Brand supported on TV, then TVLowCost is the solution. We have made TV affordable. At last. And pioneered the Best Value all-in TV Package in every market where we are established.

TVLowCost has created complete TV package … you will be on-air 8 weeks from agreed Brief, with an average 4 commercials pre-Tested and an Omnibus included too; full TV Shoot of course with all post-editing and running costs; AND a fully tailored Peak/Off-Peak National TV Schedule geared precisely to your Brand’s Target Audience. And punching hugely above its weight.

RESULTS! RESULTS! … we are getting our Clients remarkable Results in each of the markets where we are, just ask us. Here are some examples from UK : Milton earned +30% Sales across their range with +32% extra Distribution on top. Sudocrem +21% plus + the same for Distribution. Milton has rebooked follow-up TV bursts for both the UK and now abroad … as separately has Sudocrem, now on its 3rd burst in 15 months! Both Brands on higher spends after proving campaign efficacies,  both having been off TV for a decade or more. We are talking serious net business gains here, and ££payback. Plus exceptional Distribution gains. And their Housewife+Kids targeting will be pretty similar to your own?

Next step?… contact us and see our robust, Results-orientated presentation. And be prepared to be convinced – this is all possible, as 85 Projects and over 420 commercials from our Network have shown. Your own Brand will not look over its shoulder again. So don’t finalise your 08/09 Brand Plans without considering TVLowCost. Hope to hear from you. Thanks and regards.



“Only TV allows advertisers to reach the entire population of one country in few days!” LowCost attitude by JP Treguer

 TV, the only truly “democratic” medium


It’s impossible to enter anyone’s home these days without noticing the TV set, or even TV sets.  99% of Australian households have at least one TV.  More than 80% have two television sets and a steadily growing number have three or more!


TVs are still where they’ve always been – in living rooms, family rooms, sitting rooms, and bedrooms.  But now some houses have a home theatre room – a zone specifically designed to showcase a high-end plasma or projector screen.  Additionally, TVs have invaded bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and kids’ bedrooms.  We can’t bear to be away from the TV for more than a minute, and new technologies are pandering to our demands to have our favourite television programs accessible wherever and whenever we want.  Now your computer or game console can function as a TV, so can your iPod, your mobile phone, even your refrigerator!


Of course, the most intriguing aspect of television is its status as the great equalizer.  TV’s appeal crosses generational, cultural and socio-economic boundaries.  Men and women, young and old – only 1% of Australians are immune to its charms.


TV has become a must everywhere, in low-income households and among senior executives. It has become THE really “democratic” medium in the sense that it penetrates deep into all levels of society. Young people, seniors, men, women, senior executives, intellectuals, the lower classes, from Sydney to the most distant parts of the country. Everyone constantly refers to it, everyone watches the same pictures, the same news and often the same programs. It must be understood that in this it is unique: it is socio-demographically the only “non-segmented” medium (even if some time slots or programs are segmented).


Only TV allows advertisers to reach the entire population of one country in a few days, because it is “intrusive”.


 Nielsen Media Panorama



“TVLowCost : Effective TV advertising within reach”

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TVLowCost … and the “Last 60 minute theory”. Hitting consumers with TV spots just before shopping is far more effective and affordable than over-priced Prime Time spots 12 hours earlier.



TVLowCost’s unique approach to “affordable TV advertising” also adds further campaign impact too! 

You likely know the theory of the “last metre”, developed by many Design, Packaging and SP specialists. This shows the vital importance of “product visibility in-store” so that consumers, with only a few seconds spare, will see and hopefully grab your brand and not competitors.
TVLowCost believes a similar theory applies to TV advertising: the “Last 60 minutes” theory. Whilst avoiding Peak Terrestrial airtime for cost and wastage reasons – priorising TV commercials in a tailored combination of Off-peak and Peak Terrestrial/MCH –  we make it possible for Clients to advertise their brands only minutes before consumers are in the shops. Better for purchasing, right?

This tangible “proximity to purchase” will undoubtedly also benefit brand sales when considering that consumers are hit, they say, by 5000 brand messages a day! Hard to believe, but true.  Studies undertaken by ROBERT HEATH in the UK clearly show the reality of this“carpet bombing”. By “commercial messages”, we are talking all forms of advertising of course but also the thousands of logos that surround us in our [mostly] city lives. 

ROBERT HEATH demonstrated the importance of what he calls LOW INVOLVEMENT PROCESSING (LIP). Namely, that our brains – consciously or subconsciously – record ALL such information, there being “no dustbin” function as such. It simply arranges this information in different “baskets”…

Eg. If a consumer is seeking a foot cream, information acquired will pop to the surface of her mind whereas info on cars – not on her shopping list – will not. 

What do we draw from these studies at TVLowCost ? Quite simply: the closer a branded message is to the act of purchase the more likely a sale. ie. Cost-effective Daytime TV advertising – far from being “bad” for a brand – is on the contrary much more effective. Hugely over-priced Peak spots the night before will have long faded into obscurity. Worth noting too that Daytime viewers tend to be more “available and focussed” than during evenings when all manner of domestic disruptions get in the way: kids coming home, homework, supper, laundry et al! Terrestrial Peak advertising really is NOT all that it’s cracked up to be in today’s TV market, where better value and efficiencies are readily available through other Channels.

This “Last 60 minutes” theory is also supported by dozens of  TVLowCost campaigns across our   network. We can also demonstrate that the “affordable TV advertising” that we create can really deliver remarkable business Results!

This theory is actually just common sense … in an ad agency world where obsession for “Peak only” should have come off the rails a long time ago!